Friday, February 3, 2012

3rd album for the LSH Challenge This Week

I love the way this book came out....i love the fact you can get between 40-46 photos in it depending on how you place takes a few more mins to put together but so worth it.  Make sure you head over to LSH and join in on this weeks challenge.

Inside front cover

Next page

Tags and pull out mats

Next page

Same page with the side flap open

This is that side flap pulled out and tags to show where all you can put photos

Next page

Next Page

Pull out tags and photo mats on this page

Next page

Pull out flap from the same page to show more places to put photos

Next page

Next page

Pull out photo mats and tags from this page

Last page

Pull out flap and tags from the same page

Inside back cover


  1. I love it, Dianne!! Is there a pattern for this album? You did a wonderfully, great job!!

    1. It was inspired by a turtorial on youtube by Kathy Orta..i changed mine up a bit but that gives you the base of it. I did a chipboard side binding as well as my cover and she does a duct tape one but you can find tone of tutorial to give you ideas.

  2. great album Dianne!! Wow, it can hold a lot of photos. :)